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The circle of time: lost in the time of the dinosaurs

The Circle of Time.png

One evening, just before they fell asleep, Papi first spoke to Derek, Matt, Mya and Gabrielle about his secret lab, the Circle of Time, the control console and the control bracelets he had. made for them in order to time travel.


But as Grandma and Papi fall asleep, Derek, Matt, Mya and Gabrielle are too curious and want to see with their own eyes what is going on in the secret laboratory. They manage to enter and discover this incredible machine that Papi told them about: The Circle of Time.


They are fascinated by the device and learn how to operate it, and most importantly, how to use the control console and the control bracelets. Before their eyes The Circle of Time opens up to the dinosaur era.


They take the risk of crossing The Circle of Time, and on the other hand, they will have to join forces and use their wits to fight a ferocious T-Rex and then find their way home.

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