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Category : Practical Guide

Genre : Human performance

Language : French

Dimensions : 6 X 9 inches (15.24 X 22.86 cm)

Pages : 52

sports performance Planning: thinking to succeed,
acting to conquer

This practical guide to sports performance planning teaches you how to put the foundation work to improve your abilities and reach your goals. However, sports performance planning is not for the lazy.


It involves constant analysis of the different factors that influence your abilities. The goal is to enable you to understand both the cascade of events that led you to failure and the one that allowed you to win. This guide gets straight to the point. It provides you with each of the steps you need to take to arrive at an ideal performance plan for you.


You will understand that your success is far from based primarily on training, motivation, or your desire to surpass yourself. Why? Because these three elements do not lead to anything concrete, measurable, or practical.


Your willpower is nothing compared to high-level sports performance planning. However, your willpower, guided by performance planning, can propel you to higher levels.


You will discover the fascinating connections between your thought structure, your goals' formulation, and the performance determinants. Thus, following the steps in this guide will help you progress and exceed your current limits.


Remember, though, sports performance planning isn't for the lazy. On the contrary, it requires commitment, reflection, daily work, discipline, and courage. It thus forces you to face and master your worst enemy: the fear of failure.


Do you want to surpass the best? Yes, then, do the work others don't want to do.

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