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Category : Practical Guide

Genre : Human performance

Language : French

Dimensions : 6 X 9 inches (15.24 X 22.86 cm)

Pages : 110

Run slowly to run longer and Faster

Run slowly to run longer and faster. The title of this book may seem counterintuitive and confuse you. Still, it simply refers to knowing the physiological areas that reflect your response to increasingly greater running speeds.


This book teaches you how to analyze your physiological responses in detail to target the heart rate zones that will produce your body's best possible training adaptation. And, "best possible adaptation" means improvement of your abilities, your physical condition, and endurance.


This book also explains why running is not enough. To achieve your goals, you must:

  • Master specific knowledge about your physiological response to running.

  • Determine the heart rate zones that will produce the most excellent physiological adaptation.

  • Effectively manage your energy reserves.

  • Adopt a nutritional plan to promote the most significant possible progression in your response to training.

  • Determine the most effective training program for YOU.

  • Measure your progress to adapt your program to your progress.

  • Know the impact of your biomechanics on your energy expenditure.

  • Adopt a different mental attitude to running.


Yes, this book provides cutting-edge knowledge you can use effectively to achieve your goals.


This second edition introduces you to a VO2max test protocol to determine your abilities and training zones. In addition, this book will give you factual data that will allow you to manage your performance effectively.


Never run again without knowing where you are going.

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