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Category : Short novel

Genre : Medical thriller

Language : French

Dimensions : 5 X 8 inches (12.7 X 20.32 cm).

Pages : 160

Resurrection protocol

In his autobiography, Dr. Adam Pellerin tells us how he developed the Resurrection Protocol and about the date that changed our world forever, April 28, 2034. The day he resuscitated the first human being.


His story is both fascinating and disturbing. He reveals the foundations of life itself and explains how he successfully conquered death.


He is, therefore, the creator of the Resurrection Protocol, the most significant scientific advance of all time, which despite its importance, engendered a world crisis of unexpected violence.


But, since nothing can stop science from advancing, the resurrection has become accessible to all.


However, for Dr. Pellerin, death has proven to be a formidable enemy who refuses to admit defeat. His fight against it turned into a human and personal tragedy that he could not expect.


Death is callous and ruthless.

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