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Concentration: the ultimate moment of truth

Jack has trained for years for this ultimate moment. He's a talented athlete who pays attention to the effort required to succeed.

Like any athlete, he has encountered setbacks, but each time he has picked himself up and moved forward.
Today, he has mastered his discipline to perfection.

His entire athletic career has been geared towards this crucial moment. This competition will make him the grand champion. It is time for him to enter the scene.
But he realizes that the stakes are high. The stress wins him over, the pressures of time assail his mind, and the fear of failing invades him.

He tries to keep the negative thoughts out of his mind and ignore the troubling emotions they generate. But, unfortunately, he invests so much effort in this task that he loses his concentration completely.

His mind has just been diverted from the motor tasks he has to perform—the ones he usually masters so perfectly.
The starting signal is given. Jack doubts, questions his abilities, and wonders if he is doing the right thing if his movements are as good as usual.

It is too late. Jack's concentration is gone before he even starts.

All those years of training were for nothing. Jack was taught to train all this time physically, but no one showed him how to train his concentration. The most important thing Jack needed at this crucial moment.

Who's responsible for this failure?

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