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Meurtrier du passé (couverture avant).jpg

Murderer from the past

The young Léa Boyer is found in a cabin lost in the woods. Her body was mummified, thanks to a rudimentary method of plastination. It stands on a podium.


On a sofa in front of her, her murderer died of a heart attack. On his lap, Lea's skin served as a blanket.


To discover what happened to his daughter, Dominic Boyer, a talented engineer, invents the retrocamera. Thanks to it, he was able to watch his daughter's last hours. He did not expect that she would have experienced such atrocities.


He could not foresee that the device would open a breach in time, allowing the murderer, even before he died, to jump into the future.


Inspector Luc Richard, known to all as the Paranormal Inspector, must find a way to stop a murderer who is able to move through time and who claims to be the Master of Immortalization.

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