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Weight Training for Hockey : The Ultimate Guide

Weight Training for Hockey is the most comprehensive and up-to-date hockey-specific training guide in the world today. Based on hundreds of on-ice tests performed on professional hockey players from North America and Europe, this book contains descriptions and photographs of the most effective weight training, flexibility, and abdominal exercises used by hockey players worldwide. Inside, you fill find year-round hockey-specific programs that will improve your performance and get you results.


No other hockey book to date has been so well designed, so easy to use, and so committed to weight training. This book will have players increasing speed, strength, power, agility, and stamina while reducing chances of injury. Both beginners and advanced hockey players and weight trainers can follow this book and utilize its programs. From recreational to professional, hockey players all over the world are already benefiting from this book’s techniques, and now you can too!

Category : Practical guide

Genre : Human performance

Language : English

Dimensions : 7 X 10 inches (17.78 X 25.4 cm)

Pages : 186

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