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Category : Practical guide

Genre : Absurdism

Language : English, French

Dimensions : 5 X 8 inches (12.7 X 20.32 cm)

Pages : 50

Here's why you will stay fat for the rest of your life

This book features candid, blunt, and sassy language about weight loss and the behaviors that lead to overweight and obesity.


If you have an eating disorder, YOU SHOULD NOT READ THIS BOOK because it does not apply to you.


If you suffer from depression or anxiety, are psychologically fragile or

emotionally to this type of language, YOU MUST NOT READ THIS BOOK.


If you have an actual metabolic disorder, YOU SHOULD NOT READ THIS BOOK because it is not for you.


If you don't like hearing the word "fat," YOU SHOULD NOT READ THIS BOOK.


If you don't want to discover why you'll stay fat all your life, YOU SHOULD NOT READ THIS.


Only 0.001% of the population should read it. So you have to ask yourself if you will tolerate reading it.


I have just warned you in any way I can. So don't complain if you read it after so many warnings.


However, the truth will come in handy for a tiny number of people. Some people will eventually find that giving up any attempt to lose weight is better. They will finally free themselves from this burden.

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