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Contact with the dead

Contact with the Dead, the title of a simple show that was supposed to arouse curiosity and excitement, turns into tragedy.


When Doctor Heaven walks on stage, he takes possession of the audience's minds, and many of them make contact.


Souls who want revenge from those who have harmed them, or taken their lives on this earth, invade the hall and cause bloodshed. The place then becomes the scene of a massacre.


When they arrived there, Inspector Jimmy Brazeau and his team succeeded in putting an end to this tragedy. But, in the hours that follow, terror and horror spread throughout the city, and the corpses pile up at breakneck speed.


Doctor Heaven has to be arrested as soon as possible because he threatens to do even worse. But how can Jimmy Brazeau stop a man with so much power from terrorizing the population? No one knows how to end this kind of paranormal-like terrorism. He will thus have to fight against his demons and make the greatest sacrifice to defeat this monster.


All this is for a pact between two children many years ago.

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