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I think I was born to tell stories...


In third grade, my teacher would read the stories I wrote to my class. I love to tell stories. My real storytelling career began at 16 when I started giving karate lessons. At that young age, I learned that you had to be a great communicator to get people interested and to teach relatively complex movements. At 18, I obtained my black belt in karate and opened my karate school.


In 1987, I obtained a degree in Human Kinetics. In 1993, I studied for a master's degree and then earned a doctorate in experimental medicine in 1999. This led me to give numerous conferences as a specialist in this field.


From 2008 to 2010, I also had the great pleasure of hosting a radio show on XM satellite radio, whose themes were: science, health, prevention, exercise, and weight loss. It was the first time I had told all my stories to such a large audience.

For the past 15 years, I have been running my own business (which bears my name). I offer online weight loss and training services.


In 2017, I returned to book writing with an amazingly successful book: Running Slowly to Run Faster and Longer.


In 2020 the idea of starting my own publishing and production company was born in my mind. I published my first three novels in this period: Protocol Resurrection, Artificial Consciousness, and Contact with the Dead.


Since then, I have been investing my energies in this project and am passionate about writing and telling stories. My novel Contact with the Dead has since led to the production of the Inspector Paranormal series. Three other novels followed: Shadow of the Last Breath, Murderer from the Past, and Hallucinations.


Since there are many ways to tell stories, I also undertook to write the scripts for the books in the Inspector Paranormal series. This is a new project that I find compelling.


On a personal level, I am also a storytelling grandpa. I record stories and put them on my grandchildren's MP3 players. When they tell me they listen to them repeatedly or ask me when I'll add more to their player, I figure I'm doing pretty well as a storyteller.


Denis Boucher

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